25th October 2022

NanoExplore Webinar: Novelties that NanoExplore brings


In this webinar, Dr Athena Progiou from ALCON Engineers and Dr Aikaterini-Maria Zarogianni will speak about the structure of the NanoExplore project, main outcomes and estimated impacts as well as the lessons learned throughout the project duration. As NanoExplore approaches the end, this webinar will provide valuable insights into exposure and health effects of engineered nanomaterials in workplaces and urban areas from a larger perspective that will contribute to the contemporary questions surrounding these issues.

Date and Time: 25 October 2022, 12:00 - 1:00 CEST

What the session will cover:
- NanoExplore's structure
- Main outcomes and estimated impact
- Lessons learned 

Webinar presenters:
- Dr. Athena Progiou, ALCON Consultant Engineers
- Dr. Aikaterini-Maria Zarogianni, NECCA The Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency in Greece

Who should attend:
- Policy makers
- Researchers in the field of ENMs
- Agencies national, European and international (e.g. ECHA, European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association (ENNA), Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) etc.

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