NanoExplore’s web-based software platform is now live and ready to use!

NanoExplore’s web-based software platform is now live and ready to use!

NanoExplore’s intelligent web-based platform aims at supporting the acquisition, management and processing of data on the concentration of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) monitored by the sensor prototype network in industrial settings and the environment. 

The platform was implemented to support input data originating from the NanoExplore sensors. It supports data from third-party sensors, enabling other environmental projects, researchers, stakeholders and others to contribute data that can or cannot be publicly available. 

The platform provides both a publicly available interface as well as an administrative environment for registered users with advanced privileges and provides end users with rich tools for data visualisation and analysis, and access to raw data. Specifically, the different tools include Map, Real Time Dashboard, Detailed Data Presentation, Data Filtering and Export, Statistic Calculations, User Registration/Management, Sensor Monitoring and Alerting.

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